Waltzing Matilda Sailing

Waltzing Matilda Sailing

I am the proud owner of Waltzing Matilda and I love her with a passion. The enjoyment I get when guests alight from Waltzing Matilda in the Whitsundays after a sailing trip, with a massive smile on their faces and excitement in their voices is fantastic. I then realize that we have ticked all the boxes! That’s satisfaction and a most important aspect of Waltzing Matilda Sailing here in the Whitsundays.

Unlike most other operators, at Waltzing Matilda Sailing, we try as much as possible keep our operations in house. We treat our guests as guests and not just a number. We strive to give our guests a one on one experience resulting in guests getting the best trip for them and value for their money. Every trip needs to fill their expectations.

Waltzing Matilda in the Whitsundays has a great reputation for providing such a personal service. If you don’t believe what we say, check out trip advisor reviews, they’re outstanding. It’s a reputation that has not come easy, but a service that we are proud of.

Please read and enjoy the rest of my Website. Waltzing Matilda Sailing here in the beautiful Whitsundays would love to hear from you.


Sailing the Whitsundays on Waltzing Matilda