How to cruise in the Whitsundays on Christmas Day – without the crowds

Everyone has their own special way of celebrating Christmas Day, but there’s nothing quite like spending an Aussie Christmas under the sun. What could be more Australian than donning the sunscreen and swimmers, and taking to the water for a summer Christmas cruise?

And there really is no better place to do this than the Whitsundays. But is Christmas really a good time to cruise the Whitsundays? Can you avoid the crowds during this season? Will both your family and friends actually get a Christmas worth remembering?

We’re here to bust the myths on sailing the Whitsundays on Christmas Day, and let you in on the secret of dodging those crowds through this season. So you can experience an unforgettable Christmas that you’ll be talking about for years to come. 

What is the best time to visit the Whitsundays?

October to December is the most popular time to visit the Whitsundays, making Christmas the perfect time to say, especially if you can avoid the crowds

The Whitsundays offers an ideal experience any time of year, but there are a number of different factors to consider when it comes to the best time to visit. 

The Whitsundays’ summer season runs from December well into March, with maximum temperatures averaging around 30°C and cooling off as the tropical rain arrives intermittently through this season. Many find this an ideal time to visit to take advantage of the warmer weathers and longer days. 

But October is the sunniest month, with an average of 10 hours of sunshine each day – much higher than the usual 7 – 9 hours seen in other months. 

For this reason, many flock to the Whitsundays from October to December, kickstarting the busy season in the Whitsundays (advanced bookings becoming a MUST!). The slightly warmer, longer sunny days make this the very best time to enjoy all that a Whitsundays trip has to offer. 

For this reason, a Christmas cruise really is an incredible way to spend your silly season. Especially if you can beat the crowds. 

But visitors still enjoy the cooler weather of June to September, as well as the quieter seasons of spring and autumn where the weather is a mixed bag. We guess the truth is: the Whitsundays can make for an incredible holiday, no matter the season. 

Family sailing in the Whitsundays through Christmas

If you’re considering cruising through the Whitsundays on Christmas Day, you’ll have a wealth of different sailing options available. The Whitsundays is the family-friendly holiday destination, with cruises available perfect for kids and adults alike, made safe, comfortable and affordable. 

Cruise Whitsundays is known for some of the best deals, with a range of different services available. However, their trips can get a little crowded… Their sailing catamaran, Camira, takes upwards of 80 people total, and their reef boat takes a couple hundred (at least) – which can get a little overwhelming come tourist season.

But if you’re looking for the option that’ll keep you away from the crowds and give you a private, peaceful, enjoyable experience for all, anytime of year? Waltzing Matilda Sailing is the perfect option for you. 

Waltzing Matilda offers family-friendly sailing in the Whitsundays: without the crowds!

Waltzing Matilda offers private half day, full day, sunset cruise, and overnight charters aboard one of the Whitsundays most safe and comfortable charter boats. She features oversized (both in height and diameter) side rails, important for children sailing onboard, as well as comfortable spacing for 14 over 5 cabins. 

We have a great reputation for providing personal service: we try as much as possible to keep our operations in house and treat our guests as exactly that: guests! And not just another number. 

And it makes for a unique experience every time… 

We strive to give our guests a one on one experience resulting in the best trip and value for money. Every trip needs to fill your expectations and our knowledgeable skipper and friendly crew knows exactly how to make this happen. 

“From the moment the owner welcomed everyone and the crew took us on board everything was well organised … The boat was comfortable and not crowded. Just the little things provided by the crew were great… like the night light bringing the fish close to the boat, calling the sea eagles which flew close enough for great photos, information about the reef and the coral. Food was included in the price and there was plenty of fresh food, including lovely fruit.” – Susan

“My time on Waltzing Matilda was the best! The Skipper Dave and owner Steve whom was our chef, both really looked after us. I honestly felt like the rich m famous for a weekend . Tasty, delicious food, Dave was so knowledgeable.  Astronomy, poetry, history etc, etc. Fantastic photographer too. Certainly a weekend to treasure. Xx” – Sheryn 

Cruising the Whitsundays on Christmas Day with Waltzing Matilda

When it comes to celebrating Christmas Day, Waltzing Matilda knows exactly how to make your trip as enjoyable as possible. 

We’re renowned for our day sails in the Whitsundays, which can be for as little as 2 hours or anyway up to 5 hours, or full day trips. These day sails are the perfect way to celebrate an occasion, normally consisting of a sail down to Woodwark Bay, then a swim, snorkel or just a stroll down these picturesque beaches, while the crew prepare a nice BBQ or picnic lunch that will surprise you. It’s the perfect way to spend your Christmas day – right under the Aussie sun with your singlet, shorts, thongs, and those that mean the very most to you.

Cruise the Whitsundays on Waltzing Matilda on Christmas Day for an unforgettable time

But our overnight and sunset cruises really do make for an unforgettable trip… 

Our knowledgeable skipper knows all the best locations, including the best place to see the sunset each night and the quiet bays for overnight stays, so you can fall asleep beneath the stars and wake to the sound of water gently lapping the boat. Our hostess will look after beautiful meals and snacks throughout the day and ensure all your needs are met. 

You won’t be disappointed with a chance to stay overnight on the Whitsundays this Christmas, whether it’s a Christmas-Eve to Christmas celebration, or to put a beautiful end to a wonderful Christmas. You may even catch Santa out on the water, water-skiing his way through Australia!

“We saw the most incredible nature, went snorkeling, took an evening swim and enjoyed the most beautiful sunset from the stillness of the water (hard to capture that experience in a picture). I even got to steer the boat! At night, the stars were clearer than I’ve ever seen before due to lack of light pollution ✨ I can’t believe that it’s already been 3.5 years since I went – it frequently pops up in my mind and I wish I could relive those days 🤩” – Charlotte

“What a day to remember. Whales turtles fish and stingrays all on show. Amazing crew aboard and a beautiful boat what a way to spend the day in the Whitsunday with family and friends thanks Matty and Steven for an amazing day” – Todd

Book your Christmas cruising the Whitsundays: without crowds!

If you’re looking for a crowd-free Christmas spent sailing the Whitsundays, all you have to do is follow these super-simple steps:

  1. Choose the length of sail you want: half day, full day, sunset cruise or overnight sail
  2. Email or phone us to check your preferred dates are available
  3. Book it in so that nobody takes your spot!
  4. Show up ready to have a great time … we’ll look after your group and make sure it’s an experience you’ll love to look back on forever.

“A great experience with a friendly and nice Crew. Relaxing atmosphere and great food. A Perfect sail for the family or with good friends.”

– Jesper

“This is a must if you’re in the Whitsundays and want to see this incredible region in style !!! Absolutely gorgeous boat with the most amazing friendliest crew loved it!!! We can’t recommend it enough thanks guys”

– Teena

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