How to have the best Bucks Party sailing in the Whitsundays

Leading up to the wedding, every groom wants a legendary bucks party that won’t soon be forgotten. And what could possibly beat your own private yacht in the gorgeous Whitsundays, with amazing views and a laid-back vibe, complemented with incredible food and impeccable service. Check out the best of the Whitsundays for your Bucks Party onboard Waltzing Matilda Sailing. 

“I highly recommend Waltzing Matilda Sailing they made our whole trip that much better the captain is a champion off a bloke and his offsider is awesome too. Anyone heading to Airlie beach should take a trip with Waltzing Matilda Sailing you won’t regret it.”

– Shane B.

Bucks Parties in the Whitsundays: full day sail

If you’re up for a proper sail and time to enjoy the beaches of the Whitsunday Islands as well, book a full day sail. You’ll have time to really kick back on the deck, experience what it’s like to have the sails up and a knowledgeable local skipper looking after everything, and come back with plenty of photos (and stories) to share.

There’ll be time for lunch ashore with the crew putting on amazing food, to enjoy a few beers, and to dive in for a swim at one of the dozens of incredible swimming spots dotted around the islands.

Sure, it's not the best dive we've seen - but it's great proof of how fun a bucks party on the Whitsundays truly can be

Okay, so that’s not the best dive we’ve seen… but still pretty fun, we think!

“I would definitely recommend a Whitsundays sailing trip on the Waltzing Matilda. The trip massively exceeded my expectations, in large part due to the excellent crew of Alex and Noelle! Thanks for an amazing couple of days guys”

– James G.

Bucks Parties in the Whitsundays: half day sail

No time for a full day out? No problem! Book a half day sail on Waltzing Matilda to spend a relaxed few hours on deck. With Airlie Beach being so close to the islands, there is loads to see even in that timeframe, and at the right time of year you might be treated to the company of migrating whales!

Just pop on your party shirt, sunnies, pick up a beer and step aboard!

A half-day sail on Waltzing Matilda means you’ll have enough energy to hit the town that evening 😉

Just pop on your party shirt, sunnies, pick up a beer and step abroad Waltzing Matilda for an amazing bucks night

Bucks Parties in the Whitsundays: Sunset Sail/Cruise on Waltzing Matilda

If you’re spending a day or two in Airlie Beach for your bucks party, a sunset sail is just the thing. Who hasn’t dreamed of sailing into the sunset with a beer in hand and some good friends? Except with Waltzing Matilda Sailing there’s no need to disappear properly; you’ll be back in time for the big day! (Don’t worry, we’ll make sure of it!)

Late afternoon is one of the most magical times to be out on the water, and nothing beats sailing. Check out how much fun these guys had!

These boys had an amazing time sailing the Whitsundays with Waltzing Matilda Sailing.png

Nothing lights us up more than taking out a bunch of guys intent on celebrating the groom and showing them an insanely good time with some beers and the sun. We love that we get to do this in the unbeatable location of the Whitsundays, and on such a stunning boat.

Bucks Parties in the Whitsundays: overnight sailing charter

Okay, here’s where the adventure can be really amazing … imagine anchoring for the night in a quiet bay, with leisurely dinner on the deck, seeing the stars through the hatch, waking to the sound of the water lapping on the outside of the hull (it’s such a relaxing sound) and knowing you still have loads of time to enjoy the playground that is the Whitsundays.

An overnight sailing charter for your bucks party means you get to explore more and really unwind from the pressures of day-to-day life. We think it’s an experience like no other!

Plus, you’ll get a nice secure place to crash once the party’s all over!

Nothing lights us up more than taking out a bunch of women intent on celebrating the bride-to-be, and showing them a great time. We love that we get to do this in the unbeatable location of the Whitsundays, and on such a beautiful boat.

Choose the bucks party sailing adventure that fits your itinerary … we’ll do the rest

How do you have the perfect bucks party sailing in the Whitsundays? It’s easy:

  1. Choose the length of sail you want: half day, full day, sunset cruise or overnight
  2. Email or phone us to check your preferred dates are available
  3. Book it in so that nobody takes your spot!
  4. Show up ready to have a great time … we’ll look after your group and make sure it’s an experience you’ll love to look back on forever.
Show up with your best party shirt and we'll cover the beers and fun.png

Book your Whitsundays sailing charter now

Booking a full, half day, sunset or overnight sailing adventure is easy – just phone or email Stephen Aldred, the owner/skipper, and he’ll make sure every detail is looked after.

“Had a great time, even with the rain! Water was warm and was going to get wet anyway. The crew were fantastic as was the food.”

– Shaun O.

“Excellent 2 days. Friendly helpful crew. Just fun.”

– Michael C.

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